ShidaNatural's is not just for Natural Hair

ShidaNatural's Healthy Hair Care Products were specially formulated to tend to the special needs of Natural Curly, Kinky, and Coily Hair which are all naturally dry & thirsty. Although ShidaNatural's products are classified as Natural Hair Products or Curly Hair Products, all hair types will thrive from using ShidaNatural's no matter what the hair type or hair texture. Our products can also be used on relaxed/straight hair. 

All of our leave-in products have one common ingredient, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. EVOO not only conditions the hair & leaves a glorious shine, but it is also one of the rare oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft. We have selected the best natural ingredients in their purest state with no artificial fragrance or color in order to meet the needs of those who not only want to keep their hair natural, but their hair products natural as well. 

All of our products were formulated to work together (as a system) to moisturize, refresh, define curls, and promote healthy hair growth by nourishing the hair follicle with vitamins and minerals as well as keeping the hair strands strong to avoid hair breakage and split ends. Our products DO NOT CONTAIN: mineral oil, silicones, parabens, petroleum, or sulfates. 

ShidaNatural's Healthy Hair Care Products have been likened and compared to other hair care brands such as Kinky-Curly, Miss Jessie's, Curls, Jane Carter Solution, Carol's Daughter, and Shea Moisture, at an affordable price without compromising the quality and integrity of their natural ingredients.



*ShidaNatural's Moisturizing Cream / Detangler 

*ShidaNatural's Moisturizing Spray / Curl Refresher

*ShidaNatural's Healthy Scalp & Hair Oil

*ShidaNatural's Mist of Shine

*ShidaNatural's Define & Hold Curl Cream Gel


*101 Natural Hair Care Tips for
Curly, Kinky, and Coily Hair
Get ShidaNaturalized!




for your continued support. We take pride in serving our customers with their hair care needs. The ingredients we use to make our formulations have been researched and our products have been tested on ourselves and our customers to offer the best in healthy hair care in order to achieve & maintain healthy, beautiful, growing Natural Curly Kinky Coily Hair (as well as healthy, beautiful, growing Relaxed/Straight Hair).


We believe

Healthy Hair is Good Hair

no matter what the texture



(God Bless You & Happy Hair Growing)


Sincerely Natural,

Rashida "ShidaNatural" Applewhite



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